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How to Make Lemongrass Spray: 9 Steps (with Pictures ...- diy lemongrass insect repellent ,Dec 15, 2019·Lemongrass essential oil is a popular scent for homemade sprays. Its grassy, citrusy flavor combines well with other essential oils, making it effective for insect repellent or room spray. Shake the lemongrass essential oil with other insect-repelling oils before going out in …Homemade Mosquito Spray That Really Works! - I Can Teach ...Jun 08, 2018·hello anonymous – you wrote that you were allergic to some scents, you could order some “Skin So Soft bath oil” from Avon it is a great Mosquito repellent, you can place it in a spray bottle, or get the tiny one from Avon with the oil in it & buy a big bottle that will last for possibly years, i have had some for years, so unless Avon has changed something about it, it should last a long ...

Lemongrass: The All-Natural Bug Repellent

When combined with other natural repellents, including citronella, clove, basil, rosemary and lavender, the efficiency is even greater. These plant species offer natural insecticides and/or repellents. Within lemongrass, for instance, effective compounds include citronellal, geraniol and alpha-pinene. Homemade Bug Spray

Tips to Make the Most of Lemongrass Oil As an Insect Repellent

Using lemongrass oil as an insect repellent is a great option for repelling blood-sucking insects like mosquitoes, fleas, lice, and ticks, amongst others. In contrary to commercial products, it is less expensive, and there are no major side effects. Tips for Using Lemongrass Oil as an Insect Repellent

The effectiveness of lemon grass as natural insect repellent

Aug 27, 2013·And one of natural insect repellent is the lemon grass (Cymbopogon citratus). Determining the effectiveness of lemon grass as insect repellent is the main goal of the study. Specifically, it intends to apply the Steam Distillation Technique in obtaining the natural elements and essential oil of lemon grass such as citral and citronella.

Homemade Bug Spray - Tips Bulletin

Jun 02, 2020·Since Lemon Eucalyptus and Citronella are the major anti-bug players when it comes to natural insect repellents, I end up with about 75% of my essential oil solution coming from a combination of both of these 2 important essential oils. If you like this DIY Homemade Natural Insect Repellent, you may also like: DIY Homemade Linen Spray